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You Attract By Vibration

You are more than just your physical body. You are energy vibrating in a Universe made of vibrating energy. Your energy vibrations attract like energy to you. This means that whatever is at a similar energy vibration to you will appear in your life. If you are vibrating at the same energy frequency as a cup of coffee, your energy vibrations attract a cup of coffee to you.

If you are vibrating at the same energy frequency as someone you haven’t heard from in years, your energy vibrations attract that person into your life. You might meet randomly, receive a phone call from him or her, or you might hear his/her name mentioned in a conversation. If you are vibrating at the same energy as debt, your energy vibrations attract debt. You might find yourself always having debt or you might watch your debt increase over time.

This is why it’s important that you learn how to control your energy vibration. When you control your energy vibration, you control what your vibrations attract – good and bad.

What Are Your Energy Vibrations Attracting?

It isn’t what you think about that you’re attracting. It isn’t what you’re feeling that attracts. It isn’t even what you want that you attract. These are ways to tell what you’re attracting to you, but they don’t actually attract. You attract what matches your energy vibration.

It might help to think of yourself as a radio tower emitting a signal. Your tower is the essence of who you are. It represents who you are in any moment – how you project yourself into the world. These projections are the energy you give off that attracts like energy to you.

If you see yourself as a wealthy individual, if it is the essence of who you are and how you project yourself to the world, then you will attract wealth to you. Money and riches will come to you effortlessly.

But if you see yourself as someone who never has enough, or who struggles to pay their bills every month, then that is the essence of who you are and how you project yourself to the world. Your radio tower emits the signal of not enough, of lack, of poverty…and attracts back to you these same things.

If you want to change what you are attracting, you have to shift your vibration.

You can spend all your time and work hard on your goals, but if you do not change the vibration, you will never realize your dreams and manifest your goals. This is why we often experience the “things are not moving in our way” moments.

When your energy vibration is not in alignment with what you desire in your life, things will seem to go against you regardless of what you do. You can put in extra hours to work on your dreams, work harder, find ways, learn better strategy, hire more talented people to your company, get better business partners, etc., but if your vibration did not change, you will eventually suffer the same outcomes, which is a business failure.

This is why an entrepreneur can fail at a business and when they start another business, they will experience the same failure. And when they finally “get it”, they change their vibration in harmony with their goals, they will finally manifest the success results they want.

Are you working hard on your goals and are trying your best to manifest your dreams, but you fail to realize them no matter how hard you try? If this is happening to you, you need to change your vibration. You need to create vibrations (thoughts and feelings) that are in harmony with what you want.

And when your vibration is in alignment with the order you are placing with the universe, things will come to you automatically, without much effort. Things will become so smooth that you seem to have the “Midas touch” and able to turn every business into a successful venture.

When this happens, you will be able to manifest your dreams and accomplish all your goals. This is when you will experience the “smoothness” of life and are living in harmony with what you desire

Compiled by S.S.Abishek ,

Creative head of Saran Architect

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