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Apartment at AnnaNagar


A curvilinear building of 60dwellings, it is divided into 3 identities, named after key brick makers in the area. Each lobby entrance’s woodwork has a conspicuous pattern of its own. With a façade made up of nearly half a million recycled wood, it is articulated with deep reveals and solar shading to the north and west. The window openings are punched into the facade allowing cross ventilation, summer shading and winter sun penetration. The patina of the recycled wood is integral to the design language – a sustainable reusing of material, indicating an earlier form. The texture of the recycled material accented by the new.

She has been designed to minimise its environmental footprint; by harnessing solar heat gain in winter with a thermally efficient envelope of recycled bricks; low maintenance and low embodied energy materials; and drought-tolerant planting. The building 3 lift core, communal vegetable garden and access to the rooftop. The rooftop covers some 50% of the footprint area and is holistically designed with brick as the primary material, other landscape materials complimenting, or contrasting.

A visual dialogue is established with the adjacent park that creates the foundation and the language for the further design and organization of the project. The street defines the natural boundaries of the buildings and at the same time establishes a geometry for the placement of the apartments. In this way, the apartments are oriented towards the sun and the fjord. Large balconies create a natural extension of the private residential units and give a woven pattern to the facades. A similar pattern is to be seen in the woodwork which creates a play of light and shadow as the sun hits the building. The choice of building material plays a central role in this project. The projections were chosen due to its directional appearance, emphasizing the project’s strong angular shapes. The wood cladding brings a distinct contrast to the otherwise grey and monochrome palette of its neighborhood. The woodwork bring a warm feeling to the area and at the same time defines the project with a strong and cohesive appearance.

Client             :  –

Location        :  Anna Nagar

Area              :  9774.17 sqm

No. Of Floors :  Stilt + Five floors

Status            :  Ongoing