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Shaping The Future

Energies which are emitted by the soul of the space are observable by the perspective of the users as , when a user has a perspective he creates a awareness of their own . This concept of awareness is like a filter where the holes in the filter keeps on changing with the awareness . Awareness is what defines the character of a space as when we are aware , we start seeing the overall picture of the environment and the functions of the spaces .

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Our Principles


Throughout time, people have used visual devices to capture stories. Visual storytelling displays a history of the past, an identity for the present, and a story for the future to compare and appreciate. Architecture is an ever-present form of visual storytelling. The built environment has the ability to capture the history of a place and tell that story through space. Architecture forms a visual, spatial link between the past, present, and future, becoming a point in the timeline of a place and culture.

Our Work Ethics


An Architectural project involves the creation of Light/shade with Logic , Creativity , Efficiency and Emotions and to design a house we mix elements of aspirations and memories . With this in mind , we ask our self With this in mind , we ask our self how we can add emotion and value to our client's environment?


Architecture like a music

Architecture and music are closely related , first of all emotionally architecture is as complex and as abstract as music but it communicates to the soul , doesn’t just communicate to the mind . When we listen to a Bach or Atorio ,it’s about the soul and so it is in architecture, where architecture is based on balance , and that balance is actually in the inner ear its not in the eye. When we think back , we can see that drawing in fact is really a score , its just like a piece of music and has to be interpreted by a community and of course proportions , light , materiality are all implicated in the drawing which when it comes to building the space presents the atmosphere of a building

We design as a process of creation with life and value with very minimal use of chaotic elements/process, These kind of visual requirements helps an architect to create more value to the user’s space, hence drowns them with joy and excitement of re-experiencing their future as it is these kind of memories which helped the user define their character , attitude and meaning .

Rituals, festivities and faith, colors and light, and a vibrancy that may appear almost chaotic for outsiders but with strong underlying order has been our culture which in turn defined our way of life hence We create science and faith with logic and sentiments which baggage our memories thus creating absorption.

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We provide the complete road map along with our time map so that we will get a clear picture of our architectural eco-system which is basically our consultancies and our team and what value our design will provide as well as how each of our decisions are dependent.

Updates & Moves

Design is an evolving field with lifestyle and in beginning of any projects we always end up creating a new principal and updating our philosophies as we always believe that if our today is a repetition of our yesterday, then our past will become the future.


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S.S. Abishek

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Architecture is Creation and Our approach to design is empowering , and we create a proactive partnerships with our clients and project teams to create a shared sense of ownership throughout the entire creative process.